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Awa Ai Art Project “Ai no Keshiki - Indigo Views”

“Keshiki” in Japanese commonly refers to a scenic view or landscape, but it also refers to the moments of wabi-sabi found in a tea bowl, a whisk, a tea scoop or any of the other tools used in the tea ceremony. These “keshiki” are often points of unintentional patina accumulated through the process of making or use over time. As moments of sensation created between materials, people, and time, these “views” are both an internal indication and external manifestation of who we are and how we sense the ways in which we change over time.

Through the Awa Indigo Art Project Ai no Keshiki - Indigo Views, 299 participants and I will spend 5 months each living with a small length of cloth dyed with the indigo from Tokushima. Over this time, sharing the same space, light, and air, the cloth will slowly fade to create a new keshiki or view of this historical dye based on each individual’s experience.

The resulting cloths, somewhere between a photogram and memory, will be collected in December for a large-scale installation at Tokushima’s Bunka-no-Mori, to create yet a new view of Tokushima’s historical indigo.

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